Apple launches China Clean Energy Fund, invests in three wind farms

Today, the life-threatening climate change and the strive for clean and renewable energy-sources are one of those tasks mankind has to deal with.

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Today, the life-threatening climate change and the strive for clean and renewable energy-sources are one of those tasks mankind has to deal with. Electricity needs to be produced somehow and there must be a solution after classical power plants and those using nuclear technology though. During all those talks, suggestion and armageddon scenarios it is always nice to see that famous companies finally do their way of supporting alternative energy-sources as it is currently happening in China.

Apple did recently spread the word that it is contributing to the good cause of renewable energy by basically altering the landmarks of Dao County in Hunan Province. The change is made by erecting some kind of massive wind turbines that generates 48 megawatts of simple, pure energy. Pairing with another 38 megawatts-farm bordering the Hubei province, these three wind farms are the first investments of the China Clean Energy Fund.

Each wind turbine at Concord Jing Tang has a rotor diameter of 121 meters, generating 2 MW of clean energy

This fund has already been launched in 2018 with the aim to connect suppliers with renewable energy projects. As we all know Apple and its suppliers in China have a certain reputation so the companies will invest nearly 300 millions of US-Dollars by 2022 to develop projects totaling one gigawatt of renewable energy. Approximately just one tenth is being generated by the first three wind farms in Hunan and Hubei though so there is - of course - still a lot to do but hey - it‘s a proper step into a cleaner future, isn‘t it?

„To see these projects completed and already supplying clean energy to the grid is really exciting,“ said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. „We are proud that suppliers participating in the fund share our commitment to supporting innovative energy solutions, cutting emissions and fighting climate change.“

Concord Jing Tang wind farm features 24 wind turbines

The wind farms in Hunan and Hubei do also have a certain impact on their local economies and governments helping each province reach mandated renewable energy goals. In Dao County, which is classified a state poverty county, the revenues from the construction and running of Concord Jing Tang and Concord Shen Zhang Tang farms also provide important sources of income.Transitioning to clean energy can be a challenging process, especially for small companies. By virtue of its size and scale, the goal of the China Clean Energy Fund is to give its participants greater purchasing power and more attractive and diverse solutions.

„The China Clean Energy Fund has enabled us to invest in a great many renewable projects at a much higher capacity. This just wouldn’t be possible on our own,“ says Hao Peng, chairman and president of Sunway Communication, an Apple supplier and investor in the fund. „We appreciate Apple’s efforts, and we’re looking forward to investing in clean energy projects across China.“ Apple‘s Lisa Jackson is optimistic here:  „We’re confident that these programs can be used as a model globally to help achieve our goal of 100 percent clean energy. The projects in China show what’s possible when companies, governments and innovators step up together to address climate change.“

A maintenance worker prepares to ascend a wind turbine

This definitely a proper step into the right direction although it will still need lots of more wind parks to raise the percentage of renewable energy to 100%. Anyway it is nice to see that there are many companies with even different backgrounds working together for one big goal - it will also need some time to get everything done and that‘s what our environment currently lacks of. The sands of time are running out but with the big companies on this planet being a good example at last, we may feel better for this - still uncertain - future of our planet!

Oliver Pifferi

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