Gettinger closer to Apple's September 10th-event some (unexpected) wheels seem to be already turning. After we have discovered a new Beta-site of yet another surprise appeared besides all those hardware-related leaks: A web version of Apple Music, closing up to other service like Spotify, Amazon, Google or Deezer.

If you have already spotted the new iCloud-interface you will instantly feel familar with the derivate of Apple Music which finally shows that the split-up of iTunes into single apps isn't that far away anymore. To jump straight in, enter your credentials as you would on, pass the Two-Factor-Authentication and there you are!

Signed in - Apple Music Web

The web interface is quite clean but doesn't bear much settings or options yet - just remember it is just in Beta-state. At the moment, you may browse through the different channels and playlists, but not sign up for the whole service (yet) - this is still done by being relocated to iTunes. Additionally, some songs don't stream that good and seem to stutter randomly but this is surely about to change quite soon.

Apple Music Web Album View

As now also Apple Music gets its web interface we are quite curious to see what further developments there will be besides this one and the new Surely we will learn of all new stuff in just a few days!

Apple Special Event September 10th, 2019