... and therefore this Easter Season 2019 demands a sacrifice - something that needs (what a lame comparison!) to be buried just to rise out of its own ashes. In this example, I am laying my German techblog to a grave as I simply lost the focus - at least according to my opinion. I blogged at various sites in the past and with each co-blogging work the wish of simply doing it the other way grew and grew. Besides, I worked on my own presence which combined a gathering of outdated articles, tutorials, product tests and news from the year 2010. And I got stuck.

I lost the focus. Putting various news from tech companies didn't work out - because it was too much, less underlined with my own empathy and just because I wanted to grow with my own blog. I think very few articles will be transferred to this place piece by piece, being translated into the English tongue. There are also some product tests which I love and will try to conserve somehow, but it's time to shut this project down and resurrect a new one.

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. (Albert Camus)

Why? Well, if you stuck in a dead end, you have two chances: Staring at the wall or turning back and searching another way. Standing still is not mine, I am an human being which is always fidgeting, trying to look over the borders of (my own) horizon. I want to move away from trying to copy the success of other blogs just by putting any IT-related news on it. I want to evolve, especially when it comes to speaking and writing the English language. And I want to break the bonds of a "simple" IT blog that needs to be filled with content no matter what I publish there.


Nice quote and therefore this blog will not just focus on IT but also on all those things that take up my free time, bringing joy to myself and others. Topics that are often not related to IT - my daily playground, my profession, my hobby, even photography - at all but need their space in my blogosphere anyway. Let's see how this will work out - it is a new project so far, an open door to a building whichs room I cannot measure yet. Hope the best :-) !

Thanks for stopping by and for bookmarking also this place here. I'll try to keep it alive this time and try to train my English tongue by the way!

Happy Easter,