After updating to Nextcloud 16, I felt that something was different in the backend: While searching in my own settings just to see what may have changed, I found a new option. Within your personal settings there is an option called "Mobile & Desktop" - we all knew it before. You may find a guide to the Nextcloud-apps here as well as some information how to connect your calendar or contacts to your client. Lately a fourth option has been added (I think it came with v16) and while using my Mac I now had the chance to download a configuration profile for macOS. It will configure Apple's Calendar- and Contacts-app to work with your Nextcloud without any hassle. Let me show you how!

A click brings you to the download of the config-file which you may save at a place of your choice.

A double-click opens the profile and you will be prompted wether you'd like to install it or not - here in German:

As we know that we would really like to use Apple's apps with our Nextcloud and like the convenient way, we choose to trust the profile. Not a thing you should do by all means, but in this case it is a profile we just have generated - so head on!

As the configuration file does its job quite well, we just have the only remaining task of entering our Nextcloud-password twice. Or - in my case - the App-password I have generated due to working Two-Factor-Authentification (which is always a good choice by the way!):

After we have done this, the profile should be active and working: In the System Settings under the "Profile"-option we now should see our Nextcloud-profile:

If we continue our journey to the "Internet Accounts"-option in the System Settings, we see both elements added to the list of configured accounts:

Now we can open the Contacts- or Calendar-app and see our synchronization working! Actually I don't know if I have overlooked this feature before but I am sure I discovered this option first when playing around with the Nextcloud 16 Release Candidate. Anyway, of course you may still enter everything manually straight from the "Internet Accounts"-pane, but as this feature is quite nice and handy, why should you not use it? Just give it a try!