Microsoft Edge was a browser that - in my opinion - had quite a difficult start in a world no one needed just another browser. All tries to get along with it were - well - not that successful: After a while it always bogged down and although it was implemented very well in Windows 10, we both never got that close to each other. Let's admit it: The shadow of especially Chrome and (a little bit) of Firefox was just too big, the market share for yet another browser rather small. But Microsoft wouldn't be modern Microsoft is there wasn't a Plan B which just means: They just re-design Edge on a Chromium base minus the Google-specific stuff - sounds like a plan and now you can even try out the macOS-version!

While the Windows-users were already able to download the preview for some weeks now, the "new Edge" has just been made available to the Mac-platform. The time and setting for this announcement was ideal as Microsoft just kicked off its "Build"-conference and surprised the Mac-community with this rather unexpected announcement.

There is still no official launch announced so far but as the official Canary- and Developer-builds have been leaked you may try to get your hands on the new Edge on macOS now. Just don't forget this is just a taster and by far no product which is to be released within the next days. Anyway, the Windows-version I had a look at just last week was already a nice experience: I don't know if this will drive me to chance my default browser on Windows (Firefox) or macOS (Safari / Firefox) but hey - just give it a try!

Let's face the facts: The market share for just another browser will be small and besides Chrome (which still seems to assimilate nearly the whole web) there are still Safari and Firefox playing their role according to statcounter GlobalStats.

But by all means it could be a good successor for the "original" Edge whichs stage appearance was rather unlucky so far. Carrying on the legacy from Internet Explorer 11, Edge had many good intentions - and it just didn't work out. Anyway, knowing how Microsoft acts today I wouldn't be that surprised if the new browser finally feels like a modern, well-tested product suitable for everyday work!