I think there are hardly people that were so much connected to Microsofts transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 than Gabriel Aul. Aul was the person who was the driving force behind the Windows 10 Mobile development from end of 2014 over the year 2015 on. What defines the Windows Insider Program today is everything that Gabe Aul has built together with his team before passing the baton on to Dona Sarkar.

But the times, they are changing and nothing is cast in stone: After Dona Sarkar took over half an year after the development of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile was finished, Aul focused on his role in the Windows-development-team. Until today where he officially announced his departure from Microsoft on Twitter - after shaping Redmonds future for about twenty years.

It isn't that surprising that Gabe Aul found a new employer. Instead it IS suprising that Aul switches over to Facebook who - at the moment - seem to be happy on all positive news regarding the company. On LinkedIn, he is now stated to work as Vice President. At the moment there is no further information on which specific role Aul will focus on. What we know shortly after Dona Sarkar's congratulations is that he will at least have some work to do in connection with Oculus.

Interesting move by all means and surely a win for Facebook while I consider it a great loss for Microsoft. Gabriel Aul was one of the faces of the Windows 10 development and I am sure that - without his effort - an Insider Program like the one we know today wouldn't exist. Gabe and his team changed the ways how Microsoft interacted with its customers. Interacted and listened before releasing a new Windows-version and still today many Windows-users are aware of the "Slow" and "Fast" Ring!

Gabe, thanks a lot for the work and time you have spent to shape the form of Windows 10 as we know it today. Good luck in your - surely - challenging new position!