The Windows Terminal, the successor of our beloved Comand Prompt, was announced at Microsofts Build some weeks ago. "One terminal for everything" could be the slogan, merging the historical "cmd", PowerShell and other shells in one environment.

Now Microsoft has officially announced that a preview version is available in the Windows Store while the release of the final version 1.0 is scheduled to be launched at the end of this year.

Windows Terminal with Powershell and Command Prompt

The new Terminal app comes with several new features such as multiple tab support, GPU accelerated DirectWrite/DirectX-based text rendering engine, support for many settings and configuration options that allows users to personalize Terminal’s appearance and more. The customization itself can be done by editing the "profiles.json"-configuration file which you may adopt to suit your needs as it comes to colors, fonts and so on:

Adopting profiles.json in Visual Studio Code

If you’re running Windows 10 then you can download Windows Terminal directly from the Microsoft Store. As we got used to since Satya Nadella took over, Microsoft has also made the new Terminal Open Source so you can head to GitHub and contribute to the development of the app.