As we already got used to, the Beta- and Release Candidate-channel of yet another new Nextcloud-version was tight and short, and the result is as expected: Nextcloud 17 has just been released to the public! Users who have read my post about the Nextcloud Conference 2019 won't be surprised on the new features so let's keep it short and rather invest the time in the (once again) seamless update! For all those that haven't read about the flood of news from the Conference, head on to see what Nextcloud 17 will provide you with!

Remote Wipe

While many companies use some kind of Mobile Device Management (MDM) for their mobile devices, an additional amount of security is always welcome. This feature can work by a per-device or per-user basis so once your collaboration with a client has ended, you may wipe the office documents from the used device if you want to!

Nextcloud Text

Formerly announced as well, Nextcloud Text enters the stage, wanting to be a distraction-free editor with a light-weight character. This is more than the test version which came with Nextcloud 16 and is a stable part of number 17. "Markdown" is still THE criteria and collaborating with Nextcloud Talk for example makes it quite useful, too!

Secure View and Watermarking of Documents

You may add watermarks to your ONLYOFFICE- or Collabora Online documents in many ways, putting the term of "Security" in the spotlight. Additionally, with secure view, those online office solutions can be configured to open PDF files, images and text files, making these files availabe in a watermark-protected way while downloads and other apps are disabled.

Further improvements have been made on the Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) and the secure mailbox for Outlook. Additionally, many security hardenings as well as performance- and scalability-improvements have been performed as well as yet another storage integration in connection with IBM Spectrum Scale, Global Scale and S3. And while you read this, the clients on the mobile devices as well as on the desktop should have been upgraded as well.

It's nice to see that the promises being made at the Nextcloud Conference 2019 were fulfilled in really no time with this release of Nextcloud 17. And while we still enjoy the yet released final version, the work for Nextcloud 18 is already in progress so we may be curious what the people at Nextcloud will bring to us in the near future!