As fellow readers already know I am a big fan of Nextcloud from the very beginning. The ability of an own private cloud, born out of the predecessor which was stuck in a dead end, tailored to suit everyone's personal needs: Nextcloud achieved this in quite a little time and while today we use version 16, version 17 is already casting its shadow. Today, a single app is being released which will turn out to be the standard editor in Nextcloud 17!

As of today, Nextcloud is happy to announce Nextcloud Text, an easy to use, collaborative rich-text editor using Markdown under the hood. The first release is available immediately for Nextcloud 16 users and can be downloaded from the app store. But what does Nextcloud Text come along with?

Focused collaboration

In a world where distractions are everywhere, clean, focused text editors are becoming more popular. If you need to structure your thoughts, brainstorm an idea or take notes, the million-and-one features of a word processor may just hold you back. As it comes to myself, I still prefer a simple notepad for taking down fast notes which I - later - put into a certain shape but, first of all, it is just text that matters.

That is not to say Nextcloud Text isn't a capable editor. Besides the basic markup like Bold, italics & headers, you can insert images and the company also plans to support tables, mentioning other users and more. Another major plus is that you can work with any number of people at the same time, sharing your ideas and thoughts in real time: "Collaboration" is still the feature that counts here, too!

Nextcloud Text Sharing

But there is still more: According to Nextcloud, a new document viewer is being introduced soon, replacing the video player and Gallery app for quick previewing of media. The app can be extended to other file formats and will be available for app developers for easy integration in their applications. This promised integration is used by Text, giving it access to the same sidebar as you have when editing documents in Collabora Online that Nextcloud introduced last December. Finally, you will easily be able to access sharing, comments and older versions. And while you share a note with a link, you can have a call or chat in the sidebar with the recipients - all featured under one single cover!

Coming together

To illustrate where Nextcloud Text may take you, let's describe a possible meeting you'll have one day: You may have shared the meeting notes template in advance with all members. It has a basic structure, making sure nothing gets missed.

During the meeting, one person is dedicated note takers, while the others should check and make sure the notes are correct. As two members couldn't make it, a call is started (conveniently in the side bar if you use all of Nextcloud's features) while chat is used to coordinate all this:

Nextcloud Text in a Call

Of course, if needed, the participants can roll back the notes to an earlier version from the "Versions"-view in the sidebar and when people are mentioned in the comments, they will receive a notification on their phone. A great way to ping the people who are late to the call by the way! After the meeting, and going forward, everybody gets the notes synced to their mobile and desktop devices for easy local editing and a link can be send to others, showing the document the way it was written.

Call to Action

Today, version 1.0 of Nextcloud Text is available for download in the official app store, thus supporting Nextcloud 16. The folks at Nextcloud told that they have already been using it for a while internally and are very enthusiastic about the features and acceptance of Text. The company also promises that, over the next weeks, it will continue to improve the app, both in terms of features, design and of course stability. When Nextcloud 17 is released, the plan is that Nextcloud Text will replace the current text editor, bringing collaborative rich-text editing to Nextcloud out-of-the-box.