As I re-started this blog with Ghost and in English language, I already had the intention NOT to focus on IT only. It took some time to gather other topics than my profession and my hobby but today I found one. Being on holidays in Belgium we went to Bredene Beach, a place we have visited quite often during the last years.

This year's first impression was different from the years before. People who know me also know that all I need to calm down is a beach, the tide and the soundscape around both. The sound of the ocean, the water, the seagulls brings my mind and soul to a restful state of harmony. Before my very eyes I found a piece of contemporary art that shall raise ecological awareness.

Plastic Nightmare - Walls

It feels like a entering a garage or a container (which this construct finally is!) whichs side panels, floor and ceiling are covered by plastic waste that mankind has dropped into the ocean over the time. All those contents have been recovered from the sea or collected at the beach and stand for remains that humans have left in this area.

Plastic Nightmare - Floor

I was never a "green one" but over the time and years - especially when dealing with your own children - you begin to think of many, many things and how they are connected to each other. Who knew that a diaper thrown away in the ocean needs 450 years to get recycled while a "simple" PET-bottle "just" takes ten to 15 years? Not mentioning the glass bottle which approximately needs one million years to disappear? By all means, the environment is still changing (you can't deny this) and it's our fault that things go the way the do right now.

Plastic Nightmare - Wall

In this container you'll find all the stuff that usually does not belong in the oceans, not mentioning the danger of stepping into cans that have been left at the beachside.

Once you come to Bredene Beach just take your time to visit this strange piece of art - you can't miss it by the way! Read the information board about things that still go wrong nowadays and realize that we still can change this. There's just one ecosystem around us, just one nature - and to see what we make of it just to dispose our litter is just terrifying.

Realize the impact our actions have on this ecosystem and try to change yours. It may be just one person, just a start - but as everytime, the first step can be part of a big walk for many people. We still may change some things before it's too late and today, my attention was focused on this special topic.