When we're at home, I think most of us will take care of an optimized sound wherever we need it. My home, for example, is equipped with Sonos-speaker in each room where it makes sense to raise the roof. But what to do if you want to leave your audiophile environment for a day in the wild, the beach, a party - or a combination of all those? A portable speaker will surely suit your needs but which to choose among the masses? Two years ago, Ultimate Ears presented the Wonderboom as a 99 EUR/$ entry speaker for the mobile (and versatile) use. Now the successor Wonderboom 2 makes his way up to the stage, so let's look how it works - and sounds!

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 Package

The sequel comes with a better sound, a longer battery life and - if you want to - real and true stereo pairing - just to sum it up yet. At a first glance, both version look quite similar, but UE has optimized the Wonderboom 2 in many ways.

With promised 13 hours of music playback, the new version clearly surpasses the ten hours of the predecessor. In addition, UE has also improved the Double Up-feature that help you to pair two Wonderboom 2 in real stereo: No more just doubling the output, two paired Wonderboom 2 will now play back in real stereo seperation. Last but not least there's a real outdoor mode now (see the Tree-button at the bottom) which activates a special EQ-mode optimized for less surfaces where the bass can bounce off: Push the button and you are ready to rumble outdoor!

Wonderboom 2 Open Box

The package is quite small and everyone of you who already knew the first edition will feel familiar: The speaker itself, a little bit of documentation and a white Micro USB-charging cable. Yes, you've heard right - we're in the second half of 2019 and still there are vendors who still use the Micro USB-connection for their devices. UE isn't the exception here and although I understand a lot when it comes to making compromises, Micro-USB shouldn't be one of those nowadays.

Hey UE, nobody would blame you for delivering an USB Type-C connector in the Wonderboom 2 - why stick to old standards? These are - of course - just my two cents but I think nobody can fully justify sticking to this standard while USB-C is progressing more and more... !

Wonderboom 2 USB-Cable

Putting this contra-argument away, we still have an small, powerful and intuitive nice speaker with the Wonderboom 2. The following pictures will show you how handsome the second edition is (which the first one was, too) and how colorful the blue design works out. Although this colour scheme wouldn't have been my first choice, it is still something different than the typical black fabric ones and we also have a two-tone fabric design here which reminds me on last year's Boom 3.

There are further similar features to the Boom 3 by the way: The centered Play/Stop-button and the bungee-cord loop will be features that some of you may already have discovered on the Boom 3. Why change something that seems to work out? In addition, the typical brand-style Plus and Minus-buttons for changing the volume are present as well and directly show that this is definitely one sibling from the Boom-family.

Together with the IP67-rated protection it makes its stand against dust and water and - still being equal to the original Wonderboom - floats in the water while continuing to play the music our 12-year old daughter loves to listen to at the moment:

Wonderboom 2 "Water-Drop"-test while still playing music

Coming to a conclusion it is a sure fact that the Wonderboom 2 is more than just a subtle upgrade. While the original Wonderboom was a good speaker for its size and price, it is good to see that Ultimate Ears still achieved to upgrade it in a good manner. While the updates regarding battery, sound and real-stereo capabilities are very welcome, the use of the Micro USB-connector is the only thing that I don't like here. Let it go!

And - by all means - the price tag is still below the 100 bucks while the Wonderboom 2 will be your good friend at home, at the pool or elsewhere. Should you ever think that one of those neat little speakers aren't enough, be prepared to get in trouble with your neighbours in case you pair two of them to a real stereo-set!

The Wonderboom 2 are already available in the US since June 25th and will hit the stores in my home country Germany - according to the latest information - on July 5th. Until then, you still may give your favourite colour a last thought: The Wonderboom 2 are available in blue, red, pink, gray, and black color options.